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John  Mueller
P.O. Box 1425
Longmont, Colorado, 80502
United States

e: usa@smartbond.net

Mueller has over ten years of experience in management responsibilities, technology, consulting, strategic planning and finance with both small and large organizations. He has worked at the executive level as well as in the operational rankings, including programming and testing software applications.

In addition to corporate operational experience, he has gained entrepreneurial experience by starting several technology companies and advising various startup organizations.

Mueller has lived and worked in the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. He has served as a United States representative to South African companies in the capacity of advisor and consultant on business linkages, partnering and financing for small ... <more>
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Work Experience
Virtual Strategies
2002.04.01 - Now
Illinois MBA, RTMO, & NCSA
1995.11.01 - 1996.03.30
Work Experience
2000.01.01 - Now
Work Experience
Arthur Andersen
1993.01.10 - 1994.09.01 Work Experience
Global Consult
1994.10.01 - 1995.08.01
Work Experience
Montsi & Associates
1996.09.01 - 1997.01.01
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1995.09.01 - 1996.05.10 Work Experience
Aldare Capital Partners
2000.01.01 - 2000.12.15

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