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John Mueller  
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Founder, Director


Longmont, Colorado, United States

January 2000 - Present

    Founded SmartBond in 2000 for the purpose of building a virutal tech organization using the Internet so to provide jobs to smart people around the world while providing cost effective services to clients.


  • In charge of the day-to-day administration for the company.
  • Manage multiple software development and web design projects.
  • Interview and hire new employee candidates.
  • In constant communication with SmartBond employees and clients.
  • Source new clients (business development).
  • Write client proposals, estimates, and contracts.


  • Founded SmartBond in South Africa with Tahir Fayker in January 2000.
  • Have managed more than 50 software development and design projects of various sizes for clients and internal application.
    • Sample client projects:
    • Online storage management system - Assisted in the design and development an Internet storage management system which allows Internet server accounts to look like a hard drive on the user's desktop.
    • Web-based Cell Phone Handset Issue Tracking System - Took over the development of an online application to allow our client's management, its call center, and all of its clients to access their cell phone claims when a cell phone is lost or damaged.
    • Marketing Entrprise Managment System - Developed the business logic layer in the .NET framework language c# for an application which allows marketing executives to manage their marketing campaigns, budgets, deadlines, and goals.
      Sample internal projects:
    • Online Project Management System - Designed and developed a web-based project management system so all employees and clients can communicate easily on projects they are working on.
    • Web-based Timeline Generator - Designed and developed an online application to allow users to easily create a timeline in HTML without having to be technically oriented.
    • TimeTracker - Designed and developed a Java-based desktop applicaiton to allow users to track the time they work on various projects.
  • Sourced the majority of the firm's clients.


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