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Work Experience
  John  Mueller

P.O. Box 1425
Longmont, Colorado, 80502
United States

e: usa@smartbond.net

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Work Experience

Virtual Strategies
Washington, D.C., United States  (April 2002 - Present)
Subject Matter Expert and Senior Analyst

  • Conduct primary research with trade organizations and companies in various industries to help clients better understand the marketplace.
  • Research markets and companies for clients which are looking to acquire companies. Includes companies in the manufacturing, technology, and aerospace industries.
  • Identify key acquisition opportunities for clients in strategic markets using market-driven research.
  • Building, designing, and maintaing the VSI corporate website.
Longmont, Colorado, United States  (January 2000 - Present)
Founder, Director

  • In charge of the day-to-day administration for the company.
  • Manage multiple software development and web design projects.
  • Interview and hire new employee candidates.
  • In constant communication with SmartBond employees and clients.
  • Source new clients (business development).
  • Write client proposals, estimates, and contracts.
    • Founded SmartBond in South Africa with Tahir Fayker in January 2000.
    • Have managed more than 50 software development and design projects of various sizes for clients and internal application.
      • Sample client projects:
      • Online storage management system - Assisted in the design and development an Internet storage management system which allows Internet server accounts to look like a hard drive on the user's desktop.
      • Web-based Cell Phone Handset Issue Tracking System - Took over the development of an online application to allow our client's management, its call center, and all of its clients to access their cell phone claims when a cell phone is lost or damaged.
      • Marketing Entrprise Managment System - Developed the business logic layer in the .NET framework language c# for an application which allows marketing executives to manage their marketing campaigns, budgets, deadlines, and goals.
        Sample internal projects:
      • Online Project Management System - Designed and developed a web-based project management system so all employees and clients can communicate easily on projects they are working on.
      • Web-based Timeline Generator - Designed and developed an online application to allow users to easily create a timeline in HTML without having to be technically oriented.
      • TimeTracker - Designed and developed a Java-based desktop applicaiton to allow users to track the time they work on various projects.
    • Sourced the majority of the firm's clients.
Longmont, Colorado, United States  (June 1998 - Present)
Founder, President

  • In charge of technology development, overall company strategy, business development, and staffing.
  • GolfInvestors (golfinvestors.com) - Lead team which designed and developed an online golf stock market where users can trade golfers like they trade company stocks on the NASDAQ [PHP, HTML, XML, WAP, Java, Javascript, mySQL, Linux].
  • GolfSolutions.net - Lead team which designed and developed an online facility management system for golf courses [PHP, HTML, Javascript, mySQL, Linux].
  • GolfGigs (golfgigs.com) - Head of team which developed a job posting and recruiting web site for individuals to find jobs in the golf industry and for golf-related employers to find qualified candidates [ASP, HTML, MS SQL, NT].
  • TurfManager - Lead team which designed and developed an online product catalog for turf-related suppliers [PHP, HTML, XML, Javascript, mySQL, Linux].
  • Online Contact Manager - Designed and developed an online contact manager for company personnel to manage and share their contacts [PHP, HTML, XML, Javascript, mySQL, Linux].
  • Designed and Developed a Flash piece for marketing and explaining the original GolfSolutions web service.
  • Developed alliances/partnerships with Executive Sports International, Golf Course News, the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), Quote.com, Weather 2000, Weatherlabs, and others.
  • Developed relationships with various golf course-related suppliers and superintendents.
  • Wrote company's original business plan. Updated plan accordingly over time as the company aged.
Aldare Capital Partners
Westminster, Colorado, United States  (January 2000 - December 2000)
Operations and Business Development Specialist

  • Company and market research.
  • Inserted into the operations of Aldare's portfolio companies for the purpose of assisting management where skills were lacking in the portfolio company.
    Accomplishments Worked in the following Aldare portfolio companies:
    • 1Vision Software, Inc.
      • Acting COO
        • Formulated corporate strategy Identified solid business development opportunities.
        • Drafted and closed contract documents.
        • Found and hired top management candidates.
        • Assisted in managing and protecting the company's intellectual property (PFS patent).
        • Worked with the accounting, legal, marketing and public relation advisors.
        • Raised outside funding. Completed first round of financing ($2.85 million in May 2000).
      • 1Disk.com Project Manager
        • Managed the software development activities for an online storage technology.
Paragon Construction International (Golden Bear Golf)
North Palm Beach, Florida, United States  (February 1997 - May 1998)
Vice President of Business Development

  • Coordinated client recruitment including making site visits, presenting to potential clients, and preparing proposals.
  • In charge of handling the promotion, marketing, and public relations for the company.
  • Handled the preliminary activities for setting up the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa office in Swizterland.
  • Assisted in the setup of the western USA office in Phoenix.
  • Member of the new management team which grew the company from US $20 million in revenue in 1996 to US $40 million in 1997.
  • A key person in obtaining more than US $200 million in new awards in 1997 and increasing the backlog to more than US $160 million as of January 1, 1998 (from US $6 million).
  • A key person in obtaining work from outside golf course architects (i.e. other than Jack Nicklaus)
  • Worked with a team of specialists to develop a new image for the company, including a new company name, corporate logo, letterhead, brochure (won second in a 1997 national marketing show), CD-ROM (won first in a 1998 national public relations show), web site, and calendar.
  • Setup internal standards for developing, submitting, and monitoring client proposals.
  • Developed the original business plan for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) office, to be based in Switzerland.
  • Developed a business development database in Lotus Notes which was specific to the needs of Paragon and Nicklaus Design.
  • Conducted an information and training session on golf course construction for our Asia office in the Phillipines.
Montsi & Associates
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa  (September 1996 - January 1997)
Business Advisor

  • Worked with Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) owned by previously disadvantaged community members to help them improve their business systems and strategies.
  • Worked with the SMEs and large South African corporations to find ways for them to work together. The initiative was part of a USAID-funded project called BLUE (Business Linkages for Under Utilized Enterprises).
Bank of Nova Scotia
Chicago, Illinois, United States  (May 1996 - August 1996)
Credit Analyst Intern

  • Prepared annual credit review reports.
  • Reviewed credit facility documents.
  • Analyzed financial statements.
  • In a 3 month period, completed more than 12 annual reviews of Fortune 1,000 companies financial facilities where BNS had a financial exposure of more than $1 billion. All prepared annual reviews were approved by the Credit Department of BNS in Canada.
Global Consult
Kuwait City, Kuwait, Kuwait  (October 1994 - August 1995)
Middle East Manager

  • Handled the company's operations in the Middle East, including business development activities, proposal writing, and arranging and attending meeting with top local government and business officials.
  • Business Development - Performed business development activities for American firms in pursuit of multi-million dollar projects in the infrastructure, health care, and strategic planning fields.
  • American Housing Consortium – Was part of the Global Consult team who formed and managed an alliance of 14 American companies for the purpose of winning a project requested by the Ministry of Housing to construct a 50,000 person city in Kuwait (US $5 billion project). The alliance included companies such as Black & Veatch, Smith Barney, American Standard, CH2M Hill, 3M, and other prominent American firms.
  • $40 Million Private Placement - Prepared the concept paper, proposal, and economic impact analysis for a private placement memorandum to raise $40 million for a $250 million golf course and resort development (Marbella, Spain) in conjunction with the Kuwait Offset Program.
Arthur Andersen
Kuwait City, Kuwait, Kuwait  (January 1993 - September 1994)
Staff Consultant

  • Member of United Nations Claims filing project in regards to the losses contributed to the Iraq-Kuwait invasion.
  • Member of various business, accounting, and technology projects.
  • Lotus Notes Administrator.
  • Litigation Support - Prepared, and supervised staff in preparing, Statement of Claims, valuations, schedules, and supporting documentation to be submitted to the United Nations on behalf of clients.
  • Feasibility Study - Senior-in-charge for a feasibility study of a new hospital.
  • Accounting - Designed a chart of accounts for an international client operating in multi-industries.
  • Information Technology - Implemented and supported a Lotus Notes network as part of a worldwide network of over 25,000 users. Facilitated the installation of a local area network (LAN). Conducted inner-office training.
  • Desert Peace Treasurer (Community Service) - Handled financial transactions for the nonprofit operation on behalf of American relatives of service persons that honorably served in Desert Storm.
  • Conduced Lotus Notes training for staff in the Kuwait office.
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas, United States  (September 1990 - April 1991)
Teaching Assistant

  • Teaching assistant for undergraduate and graduate classes for Professors Jim Collins and Uday Apte in the Business College.
  • Taught MIS lab classes.
  • Graded assignments and exams Provided one-on-one tutoring for MIS students.


Illinois MBA, RTMO, & NCSA (Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, United States):  November 1995 - March 1996

Project Manager


    Worked with 6 other MBA students, the university's technology transfer office (RTMO), and the NCSA to evaluate technology being developed by the University of Illinois and NCSA.
OSBI (Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, United States):  September 1995 - May 1996

Project Team Member & Junior Partner


    Project team member during first semester of my MBA program.
    Junior Partner during my second semester of my MBA program.


  • Performed a Feasibility Study for a family business center on behalf of the University of Illinois.
  • Oversaw several projects as a Junior Partner, including a project for a Japanese company that had a plant in Danville, Illinois.


University of Texas
Austin, Texas, United States  (August 1998 - May 1999)


  • Course: Mergers & Acquisitions (Fall 1998)
  • Course: Seminar in Options and Futures Markets (Fall 1998)
  • Course: Case Problems in Financial Management (Fall 1998)
  • Course: Financial Statement Analysis (Spring 1999)
  • Course: Multinational Corporate Finance (Spring 1999)
  • Course: Strategic Analysis for High Technology Industries (Spring 1999)
  • Course: Independent Study (Spring 1999)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, United States  (August 1995 - August 1999)

Degree: MBA

  • Management Leadership Grant
  • Graduate Associate Grant
  • Organizations: Finance (Corporate Relations Officer), Latin American Business (Secretary), International, Management Consulting
  • Junior Partner for the Office for the Study of Business Issues (OSBI), a consulting group at the University of Illinois.
  • Project member on a strategy, business development, and marketing project for Bell Sports.
  • Graduate Assistant on various projects for the Dean’s office at the Illinois MBA.
  • Performed a Feasibility Study for a family business center on behalf of the University of Illinois for OSBI.
  • Worked with 6 other MBA students, the university's technology transfer office (RTMO), and the NCSA to evaluate technology being developed by the University of Illinois and NCSA.

Denmark International Studies (DIS)
Copenhagen, ., Denmark  (January 1992 - May 1992)

Degree: NONE

  • Independent study on the technology of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) within Western Europe; counseled by the Copenhagen Business School (graduate school).
  • Studied procedures and policies of Eastern European Privatization programs.
  • Studied Soviet politics.
  • Traveled to Russia, Poland, Estonia, and all over western Europe.
  • DIS Choir.

Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas, United States  (August 1988 - December 1992)

Major: Management Information Sciences  (3.62 / 4.-0)
Minor: Economics  (3.5 / 4.-0)
Overall GPA: 3.2 / 4.-0

  • EDS Scholarship for Outstanding MIS Student.
  • Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.
  • Varsity Golf Scholarship.
  • Counseled elementary school children about drugs, sex, and crime in association with the Best of America Program (Community Service).
  • Varsity Golf Team.
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